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On Sunday the 7th of January, 1996, our church was officially set in order. In order to establish our work on a more efficient and permanent basis, we, the members of the local assembly at King’s Chapel Apostolic Church affirm our belief that God's people should be meticulously set in order, and that it is needful for them to be efficiently organised to successfully carry on the gospel work and properly handle their business affairs.

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From mission trips to our other churches to regular services, King's Chapel Apostolic Church are dedicated to preaching and teaching the word of God. We have a very active missions and Evangelism team with monthly outreach activities and programmes. We strive to raise awareness of god both locally and nationally in an attempt to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible.

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Based centrally on Harefield Road in Stoke, Coventry, we're ideally located for access from the M40, M1 and M6. Whether you're looking to join in with our men's, women's or youth divisions or take part in Sunday school, or would like to take advantage of our free home bible studies service, please contact us today.

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A powerful, lively, growing, vibrant Bible believing church with a great Holy Ghost anointing, teaching and preaching. Bearing the fruit of the spirit and operating in the gifts of the spirit where individual calling and visions are discovered.

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